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ADC assets, developed by Iksuda Therapeutics.

Creating next-generation class leading ADCs for hard-to-treat cancers

Collaboration Programs

Ultra-potency payloads

PermaLink enables the use of ultra-potent payloads in the design and development of effective ADCs. Iksuda has access to several payload series from known and novel drug classes, each with distinct mechanism of action but all able to potently induce apoptosis of cancer cells.

Iksuda’s focus is on DNA-interactive mechanisms.

DNA disruption is a well-known approach for anti-cancer drug development in general, as well as for ADC consideration. The current ADC clinical pipeline includes various DNA modifying payloads for which mechanisms include DNA cleavage, DNA intercalation (e.g. anthracyclines), DNA alkylation (duocarmycins and IGNs), DNA relegation inhibition (doxorubicin), double strand breaks (calicheamycins) and cross-linking (PBDs).

Iksuda is developing proprietary, next generation, ultra-potent DNA-disruptive payloads. For more information and discussions over the use of these payloads in collaborative ADC creation programmes, fill out the Contacts form or contact Ian or Dave directly

PermaLink-conjugated ADCs

IKS01: in preclinical development for the treatment of ovarian and lung cancer populations.

IKS01 targets the folate receptor and has shown significant anti-tumour efficacy in pre-clinical models of ovarian and lung tumours, each of which included a broad range of folate-receptor alpha (FRA) expression.

Frequent over-expression of FRA in ovarian and non-small-cell lung cancer (accounting for 80% of lung cancer cases) and relative lack of expression in normal tissue make it an attractive therapeutic target. However, anti-tumour activity is generally limited to patients whose tumours express high levels of FRA.

IKS01 is comprised of an FRA-targeting antibody conjugated via Iksuda’s PermaLink technology to Femtogenix’s highly potent FGX2-62 DNA minor groove binding payload. IKS01 is target specific and induces tumour regression in FRA-expressing models at doses that are well-tolerated. IKS01 treatment is associated with complete regression in low, moderate and high FRA-expressing models, with levels of efficacy that are significantly above benchmark ADCs.


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