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Brand Development For Deal Making

In deal making today, BioTech companies are having to demonstrate new competencies to enhance the likelihood of successful out-licensing. Majors are becoming increasingly risk averse and demand better quality deal offerings.

In addition, regulatory approvals are becoming increasingly difficult, (especially through the FDA) and the pricing environment is becoming more complex, driving the need for improved outcomes. In order to secure funds or deals, BioTech companies need to demonstrate better market awareness, including an understanding of the evolving payer landscape and the changing regulatory conditions. They need to be better at measuring and communicating value to licensees and investors. Their assets should be associated with proven differentiation and strong commercial stories. Put simply, they need to offer more with less’ and then to ‘prove it or lose it’.

At Atebion BDS, our main focus is to assist BioTech and Pharmaceutical companies in evaluating development drugs for in- or out-license, assessing the commercial potential and/or shaping deal packages. During our assessments, we offer an early insight market research facility, which provides physician and payer input for further assessment.

Today, licensors, especially MNCs, are looking for better selections of commercially viable opportunities at an earlier stage of development. Deal offerings that are associated with demonstrable commercial awareness and sound commercial strategies, especially on a multi-Territory basis, are more likely to progress to a successful deal conclusion.

Defining the market for success

We aim to bring new perspectives to typical situational analysis, to better define your products market and its commercial potential around the world. Our evaluations will identify patient and physician needs, and assess how well they’re being met. We will assess your competitors, including those in development, those on the market and impending generics. We will outline likely pricing structures by Region or key markets, identify market access hurdles and offer potential solutions. We advise on key claims stemming from regulatory trials and on those required for commercial success. Additionally, we can provide detail on sales & marketing efforts, including field force size and costs, across world regions.

Early insight

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the need to develop customer insight is vital -especially in the absence of significant efficacy differentiators. Insights are a powerful way to reach a deeper understanding of patients, prescribers and other key influencers in the purchasing decision. A focus on insight provides the most logical starting point for any truly effective brand strategy – constantly reminding us to keep the customer at the centre of all our branding and marketing activities.

Understanding the value of insights discovery and implementation is growing within the industry. Regular and focussed connection with customers, early in development and throughout the development phase, can help to build sustainable competitive advantage.

Early insight market research

It is important to assess what prescribers, physicians and payers think and feel about your (potential) product or therapy area. Our early insight market research provides additional credence to commercial evaluations by delivering deeper understanding of potential customer’s drivers and decision making processes, so you can understand the required positioning and, through appropriate development focus, subsequently, ensure that the brand will be able to be promoted most effectively.

We conduct market research in countries across the world, utilising a network of independent field work agencies. Interviews are largely telephone or web-based and include payers across all archetypes and specialist physicians. Typically, Atebion BDS will advise on the number and geography of markets to be included, depending on therapy area and opportunity, produce questionnaires, TPPs and key topics, provide transcripts and outline key themes in a final report. Market Research adheres to all quality standards and codes of conduct implemented by MRS, ESOMAR, EphMRA, BHBIA and ABPI.

Market segmentation

As the networks that influence prescribing decisions become ever more complex, carefully segmenting and profiling patient groups and stakeholders is more important than ever. We can help you fully understand where your product should be targeted at launch and through its life-cycle, who should be targeted for promotion, how and why.


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