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Brand Development Strategies

Atebion BDS can provide you with commercial considerations for your development opportunities and, in particular, strengthen your out-license packages

We can help to ensure a development candidate is set on the right path on its journey to become a Brand and onwards towards commercial success.

We can help you develop and implement global strategy plans, lifecycle management strategies and customer-focused product development plans.

We provide Brand development to support deal making, early-insight market research and Brand development consultancy.

When developing a drug, it is vital to start with the end in mind, ensuring an understanding of the technical attributes that will meet both clinical and commercial needs around the time of launch.

In order to optimise commercial success, it is imperative to keep sight of this end product, continuously assessing its most likely competition and any changes in the clinical or commercial environment.

Truly understanding the related target audience, in addition to having a realistic assessment of what a product offers, is invaluable in assisting a company in (i) determining the commercial potential and (ii) the development of a successful brand proposition. This information will also provide insight into how to convey this message in an engaging, relevant, and consistent manner.

Our services span the product development clinical lifecycle, from FTIM to Preparation for Launch. They include:

Brand Development to support deal making – preliminary brand development work to bolster deal packages for early-stage opportunities for out-license, recognising the need for BioTechs to demonstrate more market awareness.

  • Product profiling and key claims development
  • Product positioning according to the TPP
  • Market segmentation, including customer and patient
  • Early insight MR to identify key market considerations and physician & payer perceptions of the TPP
  • Market access considerations by Region or key market

Early insight market research – high-level research to support deal evaluations and more focussed research to support in-house Brand Development

  • Qualitative and quantitative MR designed to reveal underlying attitudes that best determine target customers

Use of these insights to establish a brand and develop appropriate communications strategies

Brand Development Consultancy – For products that are entering, or are in, Phase III development, where more detailed insight is required to enable preparation for launch. Atebion BDS work alongside associate organisations to help Brand Teams build their Brand Plans

  • We can provide detailed quantitative and qualitative market research, designed to strip out customers surface responses in order to develop a deeper understanding of what motivates behaviour and drives drug selection.
  • We can help to establish optimal physician and patient segmentation to enable appropriate Brand positioning and effective targeting from launch
  • We can help build key promotional claims, value stories and sales optimisation packages
  • We can provide insight to market access barriers and help to identify credible solutions
  • We will help to identify routes to market implementation – helping clients understand healthcare organisations, determine key customer needs and identify structures, services and programmes to meet those needs
  • Development of global strategy plans, lifecycle management strategies and customer-focused product development plans


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