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Business Decision Support

Atebion BDS assists clients in assessing portfolios and defining priorities in order to meet their strategic and operational objectives. We provide independent assessments of assets and pipelines or coordination of internal processes

Atebion BDS will provide any or all of the following for single programmes or asset portfolios;

Comprehensive review of individual projects – for technical, clinical, commercial value;

  • Core objectives and rationale, including how these relate to the market landscape
  • Review of market situation and competitive landscape (now and at time of launch)
  • Critical success factors and key claims required for clinical and commercial success
  • Sales estimates (WW and by region as required)
  • Sales and Marketing cost estimates (WW and by region as required)
  • Indicative S&M cost line for early-stage compounds (pre-TG2.5) and more detailed for projects post TG2.5
  • Key risk factors
  • Asset valuation by project

Comparison of asset valuation across the portfolio

  • Based on agreed technical, clinical and commercial criteria
  • Recommendations for prioritisation

Atebion BDS can help to streamline existing processes through creation of agreed templates for incorporation into Portfolio Review databases, for example;

  • Creation of agreed portfolio review timelines and processes
  • Creation of Project Executive Summary reports
  • Core Information templates by Project
  • Asset valuation tools (for individual assessment and enabling project by project comparison)
  • Project Progress report templates

Atebion BDS can coordinate the internal process if required, working with cross functional teams as appropriate. Alternatively, Atebion BDS can represent the commercial arm of a cross-functional team.


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