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Business Development Services

Atebion BDS provides a complete range of business development services on a personalised, client specific basis. We develop BD strategies, implement plans and offer transaction support or leadership.

Borne from personal experience of negotiation deals from both sides of the table, (Licensee, Licensor; MNC, BioTech), we are happy to advise, coordinate or act directly on your behalf, depending on in-house need and expertise

Atebion BDS provides experienced counsel to clients who need assistance in defining business development strategies, conducting commercial intelligence, evaluating opportunities, and negotiating deals

We have considerable experience of deal coordination, negotiation and completion

  • Numerous in-licensing deals, (from local market to WW Territories),
  • Numerous in-licensing deals, (from local market to WW Territories),
  • Multiple deal structures (including in- and out-license, M&A, partnering (including co-promotion, co-marketing, sales & distribution, risk-gain share initiatives), R&D collaborations and MTAs
  • Out- and in-licensing on behalf of Majors and BioTech
  • Licensing strategy reviews by World Region
  • Post-signature Alliance Management of local and regional deals

Strategy Development

Techno-commercial evaluations (of candidates or portfolio)

Market assessment and valuation

  • Competitive landscape – pipeline assessment, forward views of marketed therapies including generic impact
  • Regional nuances and key success factors

Support and guidance in Partnering strategies

  • WW vs Regional
  • Partner selection advice and contact
  • Deal structure advice
  • Potential strategies for entering new geographic markets

Portfolio Strategy Development

  • Assessment of pipeline priorities and portfolio gaps
  • Advice on portfolio strategies and outline how to leverage BD to meet them

Transaction Support

  • Commercial assessments of opportunities
  • Corporate Transaction Support
  • Assist with acquisition due diligence
  • Evaluation of sales trends and potential upsides of acquisition target portfolio
  • Product Transaction Support
  • Screen in-licensing opportunities and validate selection of in-licensing candidates
  • Assess the potential commercial value of license candidates
  • Provide guidance on deal offers and key terms
  • Coordination of capability packs / presentations
  • Develop dossiers for products being considered for out-licensing
  • Negotiations advice or leadership as appropriate
  • Contractualm
  • DD support or coordinatio


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