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Atebion BDS can provide support throughout the Business Development cycle.

We provide strategic insight and develop BD strategies: we advise or lead BD programmes, developing BD packs, identifying and introducing potential License Partners, establishing License terms and negotiating deals


We are expert in defining or advising on Corporate strategy – for research groups contemplating spin-out or emerging BioTechs looking to optimise their assets

We have a wealth of experience in shaping asset development strategies, to ensure the optimal routes toward technical and commercial success

Core services to aid in Corporate strategic planning include:

  • Techno-commercial evaluation of asset portfolio with recommended prioritisation of assets for development
  • Company valuation, including assessment of core inflexion points relating to asset development
  • Recommendations for investment routes, including research grants, institutional & private investment
  • Competitive landscaping
  • Partnering strategy

Deliverables to support asset strategy include:

  • Techno-commercial assessment of asset value – asset forecasts and scenarios
  • Recommendations for priority and follow-on indications
  • Competitive landscaping
  • Development of desired asset profiles and core inflexion points
  • Development plans and costs
  • Advice on IP – including technical & geographic strategy

Partner Search

We can help in sourcing and securing business partners, including 3rd Party out-sourcing, to aid in asset development

We have a wide network of specialists spanning most core areas

  • Small & large molecule development
  • Manufacturing & supply
  • CRO & CMO selection
  • Toxicology & histopathology
  • Regulatory support
  • Pricing & reimbursement
  • Orphan disease

We can advise on suitable partners for collaborative research & license

  • Identification of key players, with provision of relevant key contacts
  • Assessment of recent and related deal history – advice on deal structures and values
  • Advice and contacts for Strategic and Scientific Advisory Board membership

Commercial Intelligence

Through our experiences in asset/ Brand development, asset & company evaluation, product & platform licensing and strategic planning, we have access to numerous resources, including databases and information sources.

As a Team – and in the current climate of knowledge access – we are adept in Internet and Desk research

We also have experience in conducting primary and secondary market research – leading or supporting as required

Due Dilligence

Atebion BDS specialists can advise (as part of cross-functional team) or lead the due diligence (DD) process ahead of core investment decisions – partnering (for in- or out-license), merger & acquisition or for the general assessment of 3rd Party capability

It is advisable that core asset documents are housed in a manner that is appropriate for typical DD – in line with expectation & experiences of potential licensees (often Majors). To this end, we can assist in structuring data rooms accordingly


Asset valuations are, of course, critical ahead of any negotiation – and it is equally important for a Licensor/ Seller to have a realistic expectation of value, based on thorough reasoned assessment, as for a prospective Licensee/ Acquirer

Atebion BDS will establish:

  • Optimal deal values – appropriate for relevant deal structures and including Option & upfront payments, development & sales related milestones and royalties
  • Benchmarking to appropriate comparisons
  • Presentation materials for Board approval
  • Deal Term parameters – Key Terms sheet preparation


Atebion BDS can advise or lead deal negotiation, in conjunction with legal advisers.

We have deep experience in negotiating a wide variety of deal types for National, Multi-National, Regional and WW geographies

  • Deal structures include R&D collaborations & MTAs, in- or out-license and Acquisition of Rights for early-stage assets & platforms: Partnering deals (co-marketing, co-promotion, distribution deals) for marketed assets

Alongside your internal and external Deal Teams, we can advise and assist in Contract shaping, key performance measures, Penalties, Exits and Financials


If required, Atebion BDS consultants have experience in post signature management considerations and can advise or lead;

  • Performance measure monitoring
  • Joint Steering Committee set-up and co-ordination between Parties


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